About Us

A taller physique is your dream?

You reached 18 and still unhappy about your height?

Do you want a natural solution for increasing your height?

You want to enhance your personality and confidence with your height?

Then this app works as an answer to all the above questions.

The genes you inherit from your parents determine a major 60% portion of your height but the 

The remaining 40% of your height depends on other factors like your food habits and your lifestyle. 

Many people often think that if their parents are short in height so they can not do anything to increase their height and their chance of a taller physique is low but it is not true as body height also depends on external factors too other than genetics This app is specially designed on a scientific basis which works on increasing your height in few time with exercises, special diet plans and tips especially for height increasing. With this app, you can increase your height naturally at the comfort of your home a very few times.

This app is for everyone:

- Men and Women

- Grown-ups and children

- People before their 18 and people who reached their 18

Workouts specially designed for height increasing:

- This app provides workout tips designed by experts.

- A very easy to understand format with simple animation.

- A very effective blend of stretching exercises- conventional and non-conventional.

- Sessions can be easily done at the comfort of your home.

A specially designed Diet Plan:

- This app provides a nutrition plan on a day to day basis.

- Recommend different nutrient-rich foods (calcium, protein, vitamins) for height growth

- Nutrition Plan covers all the nutrients like calcium, vitamins, protein which are essential for height increasing. 

Experts have chosen tips for height increasing:

- This app provides tips hand-picked by certified experts.

- Tips that specially focused on every factor responsible for height increasing like food, exercises, etc.